What photographers can’t do without.

What’s in my camera bag.

Apart from the usual camera and and a variety of lens, what else do photographers carry in their bags you may well ask.

Not entirely sure what others do, but I have a few things I find extremely important when I go on a shoot .The list is as follows;

  1. Never leave home without  a camera mack ,it can rain in melbourne at the drop of a hat and its just not worth getting your gear wet no matter how good the seals are.
  2. A bottle of water, its thirsty work on warmer days and for the sake of the pooch I am happy to share my bottle when no water is available.
  3. Treats- always check first before plying the dog with treats as it may have allergies or medical conditions.
  4. Paper blow out whistles ,works on so many dogs when trying to get attention,but don’t over use .
  5. Wet wipes ,yes they are a lifesaver as treats can leave heaps of nasty particles around the dogs mouth and for eye goobies .Make sure non-fragrance types,I prefer baby wipes.
  6. Mobile phone -you just don’t know with traffic these days and nothing is worse than not knowing where the client is ,never  happened to me yet but would rather be prepared.
  7. Small amount of cash.
  8. Spare batteries and spare cards ,don’t ever forget this at your own peril if you do !
  9. A big marble ,helps when the light is not the best to get great catch lights.
  10. Wellies,I have summer and winter wellies for the beach and if there has been a huge downpour. Saves my runners & my R.M. Williams boots !