Staffy photographer-Melbourne- Rescue Dogs

MuffyPet Photographers and Rescue groups .

I have photographed rescue dogs for 4 years now and I have to say it is  very rewarding to know  you have helped some unfortunate dog find a new and forever home.The first dog I photographed is still alive and leads a charmed life in sunny Queensland.Muffy had been waiting for a new home for quite a while, her photo made her look drab and she is far from drab looking .  After I took the photo someone spotted her and decided this was going to be her new dog and the rest is history.Her new owner sends me regular updates of her life and all her adventures and boy does she have some adventures.Muffy was quite an old dog when adopted which just proves an old dog can not only bring much love to someones life, but with good care can live to a ripe old age enjoying life to the full.

Staffies are getting a bad wrap at the moment through no fault of their own, they are an amazing breed as any owners will tell you.Ignore the press they like to exaggerate as we well know and seize on a story regardless of the truth for sensationalism. I hate them and what they do.