Staffy Photographer-Melbourne.

Staffy Photography.

These are just a few of the many Staffordshire Bull terriers I have photographed since I started my photography business.A friend of mine Mick Collins calls me the Staffy photographer a title I am happy to own.It was after all taking photos of rescue dogs that got me back into photography after a very long break.I must admit their personality is infectious,they truly are the clowns of the dog world.They are very loving ,super intelligent so quick to learn,agile considering their build and have a mind of their own which = personality plus .Known to be brilliant with children,hense the breed often is referred to as “The Nanny Dog ” which is something I can vouch for ,having one when I was three years old.

I have found some Staffords to be natural posers while others are far more interested on anything that is going on around them other than sitting still while I aim for that all important portrait shot.Action shots they perform like pros as so many are ball mad ,love the great outdoors and their muscly bodies look so good running flat out in any setting .Book me for your session, I know and truly love this breed and I think my photography is testament to that fact.