Stafford Rescue Vic.Inc

Do you bit Pet photographers.

If you can do more than just take photos of rescues please do so ,its rewarding !

Stafford Rescue Victoria. Inc is a non-profit organization that rehomes abandoned and destitute Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
We have a website and our Facebook page has over 12,000 fans.

Our first priority is the care of these dogs; ensuring all dogs are micro-chipped and de-sexed before they leave our care. We rescue all ages including some needing urgent medical attention along with micro-shipping & de-sexing, our vet bills reflect this .We believe dogs of all ages deserve a second chance at life .
All this costs money, therefore we rely heavily on donations from companies to help raise much needed funds .We happily promote anyone donating to rescue .
We have DGR status making all donations over $2 tax deductable.