Staffies of Melbourne

Staffies Galore.SRV FR 1

Have recently joined a group on Facebook called Staffies of Melbourne.There are heaps on Facebook I know but this group I particularly like as they don’t allow selling of pups ,denigrating others dogs and are firmly against backyard breeders.

They recently held a day in the park where approx fifteen Staffies all off leadĀ  played and ran around like mad ,as they do.This is a pet photographers dream to me ,so I hoping to get to the next event and catch this action and the beautiful faces of all the Staffies having fun.There are lots of Pet photographers in Melbourne, none of them would get to photograph as many as I have had the pleasure of photographing.

Socialization is very important for this breed .So many owners don’t get this fact and the earlier you start the better.Puppy school is a good place to start and from there basic training or just at your local park .All these factors ensure you will end up with not only a well balanced dog but a far less destructive one.All dogsĀ  are destructive when they get bored.