Professional Pet Portraits -Melbourne

Up close and personal.

I love to take images as close to the pet as I can get.I use two lens for this both giving incredible detail.I also like to take full size  image of a paw,one eye,the ears and a behind view which is very popular with some owners .Lighting is important for these shots ,the eyes are the soul of the animal dull dead eyes are not what we are after, but is all to often seen.My passion is Black and White photography, I find you can get great detail and textures that work so well with pets as their fur has a variety of textures.Particularly enjoyed photographing a Border Terrier on a recent trip to England. He was way overdue for a clip and the texture as well as his brilliant colouring made for amazing black and white shots that the owner was thrilled with.Although the average pet owner without  a pro camera could never get the same  shots  as professional pet photographer you can experiment by getting close to your dog a good dog/cat e.g.when they are sleeping and she what you can achieve.

800x600 33