Professional Pet Photographer ,Melbourne

Get what you pay for.

I am noticing more and more pet photographers on Facebook, almost daily new ones appear.If you see they have very limited images  then think twice about the cheap price you may be paying,you may be disappointed with the end result. Most photographers have quite a few images for you to view and many like myself work in  other areas of photography ,although all my areas are pet related.

Its not just about having a good camera ,its about the skill to get the shots wanted ,editing and much more. I recently attended the Dog lovers show and was surprised to see pet photo shoots for $19.95 ! There has to be a catch or the person running that business just loves to do it and has no intention of making  a living out of it.A good pet photographer should also have some knowledge about dogs, how they think,react in certain situations and be able to read a dogs body language to some degree. All these elements combined will mean you will have the end result you were hoping for and not wishing you had gone for cheap.My prices are reasonable, I am not high end or low end and I have several clients who are willing to verbally confirm their testimonial re my work .