Pet Portraits Melbourne

800x600 33 800x600 17 IMG_7366-Edit (Custom)Portraits.

Hard to find something more appealing than a good portrait of your beloved furry friend .I have included a mini photo shoot as so many people just want one or two shots of their dog/cat to adorn their walls.My preferred studio is the great outdoors where you can get unique expressions not just the dog sitting with his mouth shut.

Black and White photography has emerged lately with interiors focusing on the black/white/grey colour schemes and used in overly sized images adorning home,office and boardroom walls.I myself am presently deciding on the best  three shots of my own Staffy to go in my hallway. Which is coincidentally where the photos were taken.I also have a passion for black and white photography in all areas and this for me has been a long time passion.

Book me if you want a small quantity of shots of your furry friend.