Pet Portraits-Melbourne

Pet portraits.

A pets portrait for me has to be up close and personal.My aim is to get as much detail as possible eyes,nose whiskers and all LoL ! Some pets are a little shy of a camera getting shoved in their face so I take time with the pet instead of rushing into it makes for much better results. Otherwise I a use a lens where I can stand back and still get amazing details .For that I use my macro lens ,great for portraits don’t let anyone tell you its only for insects or the like !

Most people hire a pet photographer to take and make images they cannot do themselves otherwise what would be the point of doing so.There are many expressions a pet has the same as us humans. Certain ones become very dear to most owners and something they would like to remember years up the e track when their pet is no longer around.As seen here I have captured a puppy full of life ,the cat hesitant and a bit wary of whats going on and the old manĀ  look of the mastiff with so many wrinkles which gives them so much character at any age.