Pet Photography Sessions, outdoors or in a studio ???

Pet Photography outdoors .

Why I chose to photograph dogs outdoors in natural lighting for my sessions rather than use a studio with studio lighting.
I love the outdoors and so does your pet so what better environment to capture them doing what they love than to photograph them outdoors. I like beautiful natural surroundings and that includes light, beautiful natural light.
This doesn’t mean if you absolutely are determined to have a studio type shot it can’t be done .It can as part of your final images with some editing, email me for an example.
I have used lights but have to say I much prefer natural light for the end result. I am a big fan of mysterious dark lighting inside without lighting and have many images of my own dog with such images. The great thing about photographing on-location is that is you can go to a variety of places get great backdrops and aside from the obvious posed portrait shots the dogs have a ball. Safely is paramount to me so if they need to stay on a lead its fine, I can edit out later in Photoshop.
At the end of the day how would  you like to remember your dog in regards  to photographs or wall art ????   I am sure more by his/her expression ,what he loved to do, his/her favourite toy, his/her favourite park,the water if a water baby which so many breeds are, a special collar he /she got for Christmas, the list goes on and on,these are the memories that you can cherish both now and when they are no longer around.

Would love your feedback on this ,please leave a comment.