Pet Photographers Melbourne

There is certainly no shortage of Pet photographers in Melbourne.The list seems to be getting longer every week when I checkout my Google rankings ,which makes me think is there enough work for all of us.I have been gobsmacked by the extremely low session fees I have seen bandied about are they real or are there hidden costs ?
I don’t just photograph pets I do product photography,all pet related to date plus events which can be anything from Agility to Showjumping.It is fantastic to see more events in and around Melbourne as well as the mighty events such as Equitana and the Royal Melbourne Show.Later this year Dock dogs comes to Melbourne.Have you heard of it??Can’t wait to check it out as it will be the first water sports that I am aware of,please correct me and enlighten me if I am wrong.
Looking forward to the Royal Melbourne Show with so much to see including another passion of mine watching the Dressage & the Show Jumping .Only wish I owned the Canon 400mm L Series lens F2.8 to get the best shots possible, meanwhile my trusty and very capable Canon 70-200 L series F2.8 will more than suffice .
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