Pet Photographers Melbourne-Session Fees

After looking at what the various pet photographers Session fees the discrepancy is amazing !

Hard to know if a $19.95 photo shoot will give you the images you are hoping for or a bitter disappointment ,I would say the latter.But then there could be a catch like you pay for prints etc this making where the photographer has decided to make there money.I have tried to put myself in the middle area price wise, not high end not low end.

However  I am changing my packages  to include printed images .I will still have a digital sessions,maybe one , but that too may change up the track as more people are wanting pieces of art for their walls .Printed images were always available just not included in my packages .
Emma Turner Photography
Making a booking is easy…..Choose any session and contact me .
Mob: 0409 963 903

Standard Digital Session.
Shooting time up to 2 hours.
Time travel for me up to one hour each way.
Pre-arranged locations: your choice of beach, your local park or mine, at home, urban or rural settings.
You will receive a DV/CD/USB stick with 15 High resolution images in colour and B & W .30 images in total.
A digital session gives you time to peruse your collection at leisure while you decide how to best compliment your images.
Please bring your pet’s favourite toy and walk your dog prior if your pet is a high energy dog. I will need you to assist me in attention getting for some of the portrait shots. I can bring treats and extra props as required.

1 hour session: Pet & Owner or Pet portraits +Action outdoors, choice of locations. 10 Hi Res images Colour & B&W on a DVD, CD, USB, whichever you prefer.
If you require a mini session, small quantity of shots, 3 High Res images e.g. makes an ideal gift and you can travel to one of my preferred locations

Special price for rescue dogs, proof must be substantiated other than rescues adopted from Stafford Rescue Vic,Inc.
I support Stafford Rescue Vic,Inc