I must say I have no problem with this title as I photograph more of this magnificent breed than any other breed.

Word of mouth is the most common way and referrals which  I love  from very contented owners .Known as the clowns of the dog world they usually have me in stitches at some stage with their playfulness, often with absolutely no interest in sitting still for one minute let alone a whole  photo-shoot.I always tell owners to walk any high energy dog before a shoot, it helps no end and with this breed it is a prerequisite ! What has helped me no end has been over 5 years ago I started to photograph rescue dogs ,they are generally so stressed at their new found situation that it takes some effort and lots of patience to get the desired shot.Worth the effort every time for me as I know it helps in them getting a new home.I know manage a team of photographers both keen amateurs and professionals that help me with this job as the need has grown over the years.