Melbourne’s No 1 Staffy Photographer

I was two and half years old when I first experienced the love of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.Although over the years I have owned other breeds I eventually came back to the one breed that I love the most.May I add here this is not the breed for every want to be a pet owner ,they require plenty of exercise and not everyone has the time.They prefer to be in the house with you and they are most definitely not a breed to be thrown  a bone and left in the back yard for 24 hours a day.Smarter than most breeds they are quick to learn and thrive at all the action sports the more you do with them the more you get out of them.They are fondly known as the clowns of the dog world and I can vouch for that statement 100% with my own dog never failing to make me smile.My own dog opened up a new world for me as it had been some time since I owned a dog as work commitments for us both were too demanding to give a dog a proper home .I have since completed  a course in basic dog training,  got back into photography which is now my chosen career path and have helped with  a rescue group specifically for this breed for five years now.As a consequence of all this my nickname is the Staffy photographer as I photograph more of this breed than any other breed,and a title I am more than happy to own.

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