Melbourne’s # 1 Staffy Photographer

 Staffies abound

I photograph more Staffordshire bull terriers than any other breed.Funnily enough it seems to have nothing to do with my long standing involvement with Stafford Rescue,Victoria.Any business loves referrals and I been fortunate that many of my clients refer me to their friends. With this in mind I am starting a reward programme, not only for  my clients but anyone referring new clients to me.If you would be interested in finding out more, email me at for full details on how you could become a platinum customer and get a free yearly photo shoot !

Staffies are ideal candidates for an action photo shoots ,your dogs safety is my priority and we never do anything where you dog could harm himself/herself  in any way.Please discuss with me any special requirements like swimming, I have an Ezydog DFD flotation device and a  Frisbee thats perfect for water shots.Also for any dogs that go crazy in the sand I have Doggles, to protect their eyes not only from the sand but also have UV protection.

Should you need a DFD visit