Melbourne Staffy Photographer

Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

We all have our favourite breed of dog,whether its decided from a very early age or through owning various breeds throughout your life. Inevitably you find a breed that clicks with  you and there is no turning back.For me my first dog at two and a half years old was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and my current dog is the same breed .Inbetween which I have owned other breeds, loved them all immensely but none like the Staffy.Not surprising then that most of my clients own Staffies ! They seek me out I guess as I have photographed so many,starting with  Staffordshire Bull Terrier  rescue dogs for 6  years now with Stafford Rescue,Victoria shelter in Kyneton.My business grew out of photographing rescues which I continue to do and I recommend it highly to all fellow photographers .Give back when you can, it helps save lives so use your talent to photograph any dog or cat for that matter not so lucky in life as your own.