Melbourne Staffy Photographer

By far the breed I get asked to photograph the most is the Staffordshire Bull terrier.It has nothing to do with my association with Stafford Rescue ,Vic as my jobs have always come from outside their network. I always make sure the dog is exercised before our session ,this particular breed  can run for 10 kms and still have energy to burn! They love to play and are easily distracted which is totally the opposite in my experience with small breed dogs.Always up for a challenge I am never deterred when clients say “Oh But he won’t site still” of “He hates the camera ” none of this is a problem to me ,my patience abounds with this breed.Most owners really appreciate this fact as some get a bit stressed when their dogs don’t do what they say and they worry won’t get the necessary shots,we do always.

My top 4 tips for anyone photographing their own Staffy are;

  1. Wear them out before you start,a good 45 minute walk .[Not so long in the summer months]
  2. Go to an area they are familiar with ,there will be less to distract them.
  3. Make sure you have a favourite toy with you,it helps when they won’t focus on you and has helped me no end in the past,even with my own dog.
  4. Have fun ,make it fun for your dog and see your photos improve .