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A copy of the letter I send out to business when asking for a donation,do what you can to help those in need.
Stafford Rescue Victoria is a non-profit organization that rehomes abandoned and destitute Staffordshire bull terriers.
We have a website and our face book page has over 10,000 fans,most of which are Stafford owners and reside in Australia. We have strong links with various organizations and animal behaviourists with large networks of dog minded people.
We have DGR status making any donation tax deductable.We are happy to provide you with a receipt should one be needed.
Our sponsors also appear in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Bulletin Magazine on our sponsor’s page and on our website.
Our first priority is the care of these dogs;ensuring every dog is micro-chipped and de-sexed before they leave us to their forever home.
Sadly we often incur more medical bills due to injury or other health problems such as cruciate ligament and eye operations.
Our vet bills are huge and along with the best care we can give these dogs we need to find funds to do all of this .We rely heavily on donations from companies to help raise these funds and we are hopeful you can help out.
We at Stafford Rescue Victoria happily promote anyone donating to rescue and encourage our followers to support those that support us.
We wish you every success in your business and appreciate your generosity, without which we could not operate as we do and save the lives of our canine friends that give so much to enrich our lives.
Kind regards,
Emma Turner
Photography,Fundraising & Events.
Stafford Rescue, Victoria,Inc