What I do and don’t do pertaining to photography.

My main areas of photography are pet portraits, action shots and whatever is required by the owner.Product photography, all pet related and only images of pets wearing clothes, harnesses,collars etc Event photography,anything to do with dogs and horses all other events only by negotiation.

Children for friends only, recommendations by clients or children with their dog/dogs.

For over 7 years I have photographed rescue dogs for Stafford Rescue Vic and now direct a team of photographers that help out  as now we have so many dogs coming in .I no longer do house visits for Cats but have photographed the odd rescue cat needing a home.I have been the official photographer for the Anti BSL Rallies in 2013,2014 and the last one held in 2015.

I am big on giving back and my passion is animals so taking pics and donating time is the very least I can do to help these animals less fortunate than my own Stafford Ruby who truly has a charmed life.