Melbourne Pet Phototgraphers Tips

 5 Basic tips for better pet photos for pet owners.

Ideal for Instagram, Facebook, photo bucket etc
1.You know your dog pet photographers don’t !  Take advantage of that fact before you take your dog to the park etc with the intention of taking some photos.
2.Pick a nice location. Maybe one your dog is familiar with, this will stop the need for him/her to constantly be sniffing or looking around at the new environment
3.Decide if today you will be taking action shots or stills and set your camera before you leave the house.That way you won’t miss an opportunity .
4.Be patient!  Let your dog run around and burn off  some of that energy before you expect him to sit quietly while you try to get the best head shot you can.
5.Make it fun, don’t stress,you can get out with your own dog anytime. If its stressful for you guaranteed your dog will pick up on that making it no fun for him.
Next tip time will be ideal camera settings .SRV FR 1 Size OK