Hugo the Staffy

Hugo -Staffordshire Bull terrier

Staffy Photographer is my nickname !

Really enjoyed photographing this stunning example of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed.Although not a show dog  you can see the potential is definitely  there.Hugo is a super fit Staffy the fittest I have ever had the pleasure to photograph.The brief from his owner was action and stills to show off his stamina and build of which  he certainly has no shortage of.Hugo has a really good diet which includes extra virgin olive oil and plain Greek yoghurt ,plus he gets plenty of exercise with a fitness enthusiast as his owner.He is well trained ,so much so we were able to do some shots without a collar,rare indeed!  As a pet photographer I photograph more of this breed than any other breed,hence the nickname “The Staffy photographer” I own one, was a member of the SBTCV committee for several years and do a lot of work for Stafford rescue Vic,Inc. If you are looking for someone that knows and loves the breed look no further than Emma Turner photography.