Why I chose Pet photography

Whoever said never  work with animals or children ?????

So you may be thinking, why did I choose pet photography ? Being a dog owner plus lover of  animals it was a no-brainer for me.People spend a lot of money on their dogs because for many they are part of the family,for me, mine is family .

Don’t think all its plain sailing its not, Pet photography can have its challenges at times. It is imperative to be in control to get the photo shoot to go the way you want it to.You need patience and the fact I did a basic dog training course has helped me no end ,and did I say patience LOL !

Coming up soon on my blog will be my tips for amateur photographers and pet owners  that would like to take better images of their pets . Minimum equipment requirements to get good shots and the best lens without sending you broke that will do the job nicely .

It’s not all about planning ,it can be immense fun if you relax and let things happen naturally as well as capturing  the formal shots most clients request.Why do I love my job ?  I have fun with the dogs, creating memorable images and last but by no means least, witnessing the look on clients face when they get to see their images ,pure magic !