Book a Dog Documentary

Book your Dog’s documentary now!
So what is a Dog documentary you may well ask???
I have finally completed my first Dog documentary in a time span of just over 2 years. I have been so excited to finish this and only now in hindsight wish I had done the same of my own dog Ruby.Time goes fast we may think our beloved pets will be with us for ever the truth is, they won’t . Ruby is fast approaching 11 years old she is over the camera but my aim is to have many photos of her enjoying life when she has left us for Rainbow ridge.
This special event means you book your pet for 3 sessions. One as a puppy, one at approx I year old and one at two years old.
I will shoot a variety of images capturing your dog’s personality at puppy stage to adulthood.
The shots will be varied, some action, some with a favourite toy and the traditional portrait shot showing their growth.