Photographers and Copyright

Laura & Chester 2

I sincerely hope the day doesn’t come where I have no alternative but to slap a big © sign or my business name over one of my images.Its annoying to say the least when someone takes an image and then does their own work in the form of very bad editing.As a pet photographer my worse insult was someone took a pic that was in colour, changed it to a black and white image,removed the lead which I had left there for a particular reason.Then to top it all off they had also cut the dogs nails ,I was gobsmacked to say the least ! It looked so unnatural what were they thinking !! Many photographers have the same problem I am sure which makes me very appreciative of the people that ask to use of a image they have not paid for.For a book, magazine etc I am happy to give them the image ,high res image whatever they need as long as my business gets a mention.Stock photography is a different kettle of fish of course I don’t mind a big Logo from the Stock agency to prevent use,they are acting in my interests .Please consider  all that goes into a photograph when you take a photographers image ,time,  editing, the cost of equipment etc  so be respectful and ask before downloading a pic and using it for your benefit, not mine !