Australia Day

What better breed to post today than an Australian Bulldog.I have had the pleasure of photographing quite a few of this breed and their close relation the  English Bulldog. I absolutely love their distinct characteristics there often quite comical expressions and to me  they are a pet photographers  dream.This young man had the most unusual colouring , do you not agree? I had not seen this colour combination before.This was taken late last year whilst photographing a Christmas Party  for bulldogs at Brighton Beach,Melbourne.It was pandemonium LOL !!! I had my wellies on as I like to get in the water for shots of them swimming and the sand made for a strong workout with me practically running up and down the beach to keep up with them. I love their squishy faces ,their folds of skin, their small but very cute tails  and their personality.They run themselves ragged and its all over in an hour and  a half but in that time I  managed to get all the shots I needed  to portray the day.