Aussie or English Bulldog do you know the difference ?

With the continuing  popularity of bulldogs in Australia it is surprising that Aussie Bulldogs are not recognized or allowed to compete in breed shows Australia wide.The have some similar features and personality traits so if you are thinking of buying a Bulldog do your research .Sadly the hugely popular French Bulldog already has a rescue  group in Victoria needed to re-home them .

Appearance: Compared to the British Bulldog, the Aussie has a smaller head and chest, broader hips and a longer nose. At this stage, Aussie Bulldogs stand between 40-50cm (16-20″) and weigh 25-35kg (55-77lb). Colours include red and white, fawn & white, and brindle and white and varieties of these. Despite their appearance, they are not guard dogs.

Temperament: Like the Bulldog, the Aussie has an affectionate, outgoing nature, without any of the natural reserve seen in most dog breeds. The Bulldog was originally developed to fight bulls and has had any reticence bred out long ago.