Anyone else on Google +

Can anyone help ?

I joined Google + recently but I am finding it hard to find people and businesses,is there something I am not doing ?

I have been posting every couple of days, found a couple of friends but can’t find any businesses I know only one,  that seems strange.How do you search for people???  Clearly there are lost of duplicates with the same name and no photo.I have over a thousand views a couple of Google +’s and one very valuable person has added me to to their circles this has been in the first two weeks.I see it as a valuable part of my business although I need to make full use of it.I am not sure how people I don’t know have seen my posts other than from the # tags I have added with a photo.Viewing as yourself or public which is the best option ? I am trying the various ways to get my work out there to see which is the best option and the most bang for your buck.Any help would be appreciated.