Emma Turner Offical Photographer-BSL Rally 2013-Melbourne

Breed Specific Legislation

I am  honoured once again to be the official photographer for this years Anti BSL rally held in Melbourne.Here are some of the shots from last years event.It is fantastic to see so many  like minded people get together to show how this ridiculous law must be abolished  the state of Victoria.I am always happy to give my services freely to any worthy cause and this one is close to my heart.I don’t own a pit-bull but I do own a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.Sadly it is a well know fact there are many ignorant people who would like my beloved breed added to the list of dangerous dogs.The high quality of well informed speakers should make the government stand up and pay attention and also take note of what is happening overseas .Many states in America are now overturning this stupid law and realizing it is totally unfair to judge a dog purely on it looks.I hope as many people that attended last year do so again for it is this strong support that will get the governments attention.Meanwhile thanks to Dogs on Trial and many others that continually raise funds and give their time freely to help with court costs and the fight against BSL.