All about a photo-shoot with Emma Turner Photography.

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Please read this for all the info you will need when you book with me ,thank-you.

All about a photo-shoot with Emma Turner Photography.
Thank-you for booking a session with Emma Turner Photography.
Here are a few things you would probably like/need to know, plus answers to any concerns you may have prior to our session.
Firstly don’t worry, don’t stress and above all don’t lose your temper if you dog/dogs are not on their best behaviour on the day. Your dog will pick up on this and get stressed as well. I have loads of patience and regardless of their training we will get the shots needed. I have standard shots plus your requests, with a mixture of portrait, full body and action shots, depending on your booking.
Exercise prior –This is a must for a high energy dogs, but I recommended you walk any dog prior to a shoot.You will appreciate the difference ,believe me!
Collars, clothes etc. By all means bring them with their council tags and any other tags on, but for the session I prefer a plain collar with a nice tag or just a plain collar. I may use a bandanna for a shot.
My training –I have completed a basic dog training course which helps no end on a shoot. If your dog is aggressive around other dogs or nervous let me know prior to the day.
Your role–You will need to assist me to get certain shots, I will instruct you on the day, it’s easy !
Special needs, treats, diet exercise etc. If your dog has a special diet let me know or if you prefer to bring your own treats,do so. Too many treats makes them too distracted.
IF your dog has an injury or ongoing physical problems let me know.
Safety –Safety is paramount to me, we won’t do anything to put your dog at risk. Obviously the more well trained dog the more opportunity for more adventurous shots, including action shots .
Referrals – We love referrals if you refer us please make sure the person/person tells me as I have reward programme.
Last but not least, enjoy yourself!
Any further question do not hesitate to call me,
0409 963 903