About your session.

All about your photo session with Emma Turner Photography.
The majority of my sessions are outdoors in natural light where I can capture your pet’s unique personality doing what they love to do.
I have 3 preferred locations. 2 parks with good backdrops and St Kilda beach. Please note mini sessions are only available at a Park near where I live. [Brunswick Area] Preferred times are early morning and late afternoon, when the light is at its best.
Sunset sessions are available during the summer months only.
I am available 7 days a week, this is what I do and I work to suit clients as I know you all have busy lives.
Your involvement.
I will require you to assist me in regards to obtaining certain shots. Prior to your session I will call you to find out more about your pet e.g. high energy, timid, level of training basically “sit” “stay” “drop” on or off lead shots. Please ensure and this is very important your dog is walked prior to our session. If a long haired breed a bath or some level of grooming makes all the difference to the final results. Most dogs wear council tags, I would like these removed for the session so the dog wears only a collar, this can be done on arrival. Above all don’t stress. I have completed a basic dog training course and have heaps of patience for pets. Your dog picks up on your mood and my sessions are all about fun for you and your pet .If they have a favourite toy please bring with you. I can bring treats, if you would prefer to bring your own please do so. If you have chosen a beach session I have a DFD [life jacket] Medium dog size that your pet can wear for safety in the water. It’s important that your pet is comfortable during the session to ensure the best results. The safety of your pet is paramount to me.
A deposit may be required.
Any further questions please email or call me,
Mob: 0409 963 903
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