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Emma is a Melbourne based pet photographer who is passionate about animals which can be clearly seen in her pet photography.

Her passion for photographing dogs began years ago whilst working as a volunteer fundraiser for Stafford Rescue Victoria. Emma began taking pictures of rescued Staffordshire Bull Terriers to aid in their re-homing. She found a unique bond and skill within herself enabling her to capture their true personalities and character of which they have in abundance.

Since then the demand for Emma’s style of  dog photography has grown.

Emma enjoys photographing all animals large and small whilst still photographing unwanted dogs and the occasional rescue cat to help promote their adoption. She is trained in basic dog obedience/behaviour which comes in handy on a photo shoot.

Before joining Stafford Rescue Victoria 8 years ago Emma helped raise funds for other charities including the RSPCA and the Salvation Army.

“My style is a relaxed photo shoot where all involved have fun. I photograph outdoors in natural light when your pet is doing what they love to do,these are the images memories are made of. My goal is to capture your pets personality and includes Lifestyle portraits. I love what I do”

Book Emma to capture your pets cheeky character.


Emma Turner Photography

Brunswick VIC 3056

General inquiry: emmarubyturner@bigpond.com

Booking inquiry:emmarubyturner@bigpond.com

(+61) 0409 963 903

Booking Information

    • Session fees from $150 .
    • Event photography-Hourly rate negotiable
    • Product photography- Pets {DOGS} wearing products ONLY.
    • Stock Images available
  • Sessions available Thursday to Sunday.

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Blog - The Chronicles of a pet photographer

Melbourne Pet Photographer

I haven’t been around for a while and decided to do a Google search for Pet Photographers in Melbourne. Surprised to find there are quite a few more than the last time I looked which was probably about six months ago. Interesting to see most are for sessions in natural light as opposed to studio sessions ,outdoors is my preferred style.In saying that it is hard to deny a studio has it benefits especially when you live in Melbourne which can have very inclement weather during any season!

In the great outdoors dogs love to run around enabling you to capture action shots along with the standard portrait shots for those wanting a variety of images.Most popular is always the one large image on a canvas and my favourite the triptych. Black and White photography looks great in both modern and older style homes and I offer both colour and black and white images.

Melbourne based Pet photographer

After spending a lot of time on Google + now it has gone I have noticed my rankings have dropped and I no longer appear within the first two pages of Google . I did get some interesting info from Google in an email about the actual words people used when searching for pet photographers in Melbourne and the result was quite surprising. So my question is what would you type in when looking for a pet photographer ? Big surprise was Google said people had typed rescue photographer in their search .

Rescue Dog photographer

I am thinking it will soon be time for me to get back into photographing rescue dogs .I have had a break after volunteering for the same rescue group for eight years and doing a lot more than just taking photos for them . This work is so rewarding and great practice to any new pet photographer and I strongly recommend you give it a go .Just remember one thing ,you do need endless patience ! Some dogs are severely stressed while others don’t know what is happening to them and why they find themselves suddenly dumped all to often through no fault of their own. I am presently checking out the various rescue groups in my area until I find the right one which will definitely need to save the much maligned Staffordshire Bull Terrier as well as other breeds .

Designer Dog Breeds


To date I have only photographed one designer dog breed as seen here.These two were delightful males who live together in harmony had great temperaments and a zest for life. .If you are interested at all in designer breeds check out this link and see if you know them all, I most certainly didn’t. I don’t know where this is going in the future but my hope is the breeders will stick to only using purebreds, as in two purebreds crossed to make a designer breed otherwise who knows what inherent problems these dogs will have down the track .

Sports for Dogs

There are so many talented dogs out there having loads of fun participating in a variety of sports events as seen in this image.Fun to watch and a great way to get you and your dog/dogs outside and do something with them other than take them for a walk .I had no idea all these things were available when I got Ruby fifteen years ago if I had would have tried at least one of them .We did do quite a few years doing obedience training which has been invaluable.The main thing is get outdoors and have fun with your dog!

Dogs in bandannas !

I know there are some people out there they think any kind of clothing or accessories for a dog is quite ridiculous .I say for a bit of fun and most dogs do look very cute in bandannas ,why not ! At the Melbourne Dog Lovers Show this year I noticed more stands with accessories of mainly bandannas than any previous year and Instagram is full of small and larger businesses selling bandannas and nothing else . This tells me there is a thriving business out there in accessories and one of my favourite small businesses is Found and Hound .All products are made exceedingly well plus all materials used are recycled and this was one pictured here was made especially for me as I wanted a particular coloured traditional tartan .

Find there accessories here at a very reasonable price .