I have just joined Google + anyone else on it ?


I have just joined Google + looks very interesting and a good platform to showcase my work.It was recommended to me by a colleague also a pet photographer.

Still working out how to do things ,albums,posts,adding friends to circles etc but at least I know it will be worthwhile.While Google + is not supposed to help with people finding you easier in a search  a recent post by an SEO organization mentioned it could up the track.These days we have to carefully consider where our advertising dollars are spent ,unless you are fortunate enough to have mega $$$ to put into advertising.My dollars are certainly heading towards Google advertising, it is tried and true by many and seen by so many as most search through Google . Anyone else use Google to advertise their business ?? feedback would be great . Cat Layout Cards My business cards are printed as photos as well as normal business cards, these have been dropped off at various pet establishment such as pet shops, vets etc .All this adds up to a lot of footslogging, petrol and calls to follow up when more are needed,there has to be an easier way !