My dog must be on a lead ,can you fix this ?

Yes Photoshop fixes this and other issues related to Pet Photography.

My dog doesn’t like to be photographed, will that be a problem ?-

Patience prevails and making them think its a game  works for me  and above all don’t stress..

How many dogs can be in a session?

1-3. Most pet photographers charge extra for more than 2. I don’t however time is a factor with more than three dogs.Minimum  2 hour session would be needed.I will do groups, time again needs to be considered .

What do we bring,wear etc ?-

Once booked, I email you all the details include everything you need to know.

My Dog isn't very well trained

 I have completed a basic dog training course this helps no end on a shoot.

I work Monday -Friday ,do you do weekends ?-

I work 7 days a week as needed.

Are you associated with/or volunteer with any rescue groups /charities ?-

Yes, Stafford Rescue Vic.Inc  for over 6 years with my photography, fundraising & events  and BSL official rally photographer.

What if I want one studio type image?-

Yes I can do that with editing ,sample image can be emailed to you.

How long before we can see our images ?-

2 weeks .

Do you charge a session/shoot fee?-

Yes, session fee depending on your requirement, starting at $150.

How is your work presented ?-

You can choose high res digital images,high quality prints or your image on canvas .

Shall I bring lots of treats ?

 You can bring a few if too many the pet gets distracted and just wants to get to the treats

Can we include our children and us for a couple of shots ?-

Absolutely you can !