Our beloved pets offer so much in our lives, their loyal and fun personalities can be assured to pleasure any disposition at the end of a long hard day. Capturing that diverse spectrum of joy is an honour and I am proud to touch the emotions of so many passionate pet owners with my own natural style of pet photography.

Whether your pets are large,small,crazy,placid, boisterous or timid… Emma Turner Photography can design some stunning visual artwork that will celebrate the bond between you and your furry friend.

I am Melbourne based and my services include product and event photography, all pet related.

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About Emma

Emma is a Melbourne based pet photographer who is passionate about animals which can be clearly seen in her pet photography.

Her passion for photographing dogs began years ago whilst working as a volunteer fundraiser for Stafford Rescue Victoria. Emma began taking pictures of rescued Staffordshire Bull Terriers to aid in their re-homing. She found a unique bond and skill within herself enabling her to capture their true personalities and character of which they have in abundance.

Since then the demand for Emma’s style of  dog photography has grown.

Emma enjoys photographing all animals large and small whilst still photographing unwanted dogs and the occasional rescue cat to help promote their adoption. She is trained in basic dog obedience/behaviour which comes in handy on a photo shoot.

Before joining Stafford Rescue Victoria 7 years ago Emma helped raise funds for other charities including the RSPCA and the Salvation Army.

“My style is a relaxed photo shoot where all involved have fun. I photograph outdoors in natural light when your pet is doing what they love to do,these are the images memories are made of. My goal is to capture your pets personality. I love what I do”

Book Emma to capture your pets cheeky character.


Emma Turner Photography

Brunswick VIC 3056

General inquiry: emma@emmaturnerphotography.com.au

Booking inquiry:emma@emmaturnerphotography.com.au

(+61) 0409 963 903

Booking Information

  • Session fees from $150 .
  • Event photography-Hourly rate negotiable includes website/Facebook images or customized packages.
  • Product photography- Hourly rate Products for pets to wear.
  • Stock Images available for Websites,Editorials,Magazines, Facebook Business pages etc
  • Sessions available Wednesday to Sunday .Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Blog - The Chronicles of a pet photographer

Emma Turner-Pet photographer Melbourne-Billie the Staffy

I love this little girl ! What is even better is knowing I will see her grow as she has done so already from when I took these images in March 2017.Her owner does so much with her and her sibling Gus an ambassador for my rescue group Stafford Rescue Victoria .She does shows,swimming ,dog obedience and more,if only more owners put time into this breed there would be fewer Staffords in the shelters .

Pet Photographers and patience.

Patience is a virtue posses it if you can ,seldom in a women never in a man ! I love this saying and I have to say if you don’t have oodles of patience when photographing pets and a real love of dogs you are not suited to making a career in pet photography LOL !
Clients can get a little stressed especially if their dog is not quite on their best behaviour ,this sadly can make things worse.I always do my best to make clients feel relaxed which quickly calms down the dog in most instances .

Dog sports,agility .

A must see is Melbourne’s Royal Agricultural Show catering for everyone young and old.One of the best things is the dog agility which always draws a huge crowd.This year yet again there were no Staffordshire Bull Terriers entered which was sad for me as their temperament is ideal for this sport.

Colour or Black & White Photography

I love black & white photography,always have, always will.My session images come in colour & black & white the latter always look great in a simple black frame.

Stafford Rescue Dogs

It would be nice if more people kept in touch after they rescue a dog from us with the odd photo from time to time.This boy had a major op on his leg costing quite a lot of money ,would be great to see how life turned out for him.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy

All puppies are cute that goes without saying but there is something even cuter about a SBT.Their expressions, their folds of skin awaiting to be filled  and their abundance of energy that would wear out any new owner.