Our beloved pets offer so much in our lives, their loyal and fun personalities can be assured to pleasure any disposition at the end of a long hard day. Capturing that diverse spectrum of joy is an honour and I am proud to touch the emotions of so many passionate pet owners with my own natural style of pet photography.

Whether your pets are large,small,crazy,placid, boisterous or timid… Emma Turner Photography can design some stunning visual artwork that will celebrate the bond between you and your furry friend.

I am Melbourne based and my services include product and event photography, all pet related.

My Work

About Emma

Emma is a Melbourne based pet photographer who is passionate about animals which can be clearly seen in her pet photography.

Her passion for photographing dogs began years ago whilst working as a volunteer fundraiser for Stafford Rescue Victoria. Emma began taking pictures of rescued Staffordshire Bull Terriers to aid in their re-homing. She found a unique bond and skill within herself enabling her to capture their true personalities and character of which they have in abundance.

Since then the demand for Emma’s style of  dog photography has grown.

Emma enjoys photographing all animals large and small whilst still photographing unwanted dogs and the occasional rescue cat to help promote their adoption. She is trained in basic dog obedience/behaviour which comes in handy on a photo shoot.

Before joining Stafford Rescue Victoria 7 years ago Emma helped raise funds for other charities including the RSPCA and the Salvation Army.

“My style is a relaxed photo shoot where all involved have fun. I photograph outdoors in natural light when your pet is doing what they love to do,these are the images memories are made of. My goal is to capture your pets personality. I love what I do”

Book Emma to capture your pets cheeky character.


Emma Turner Photography

Brunswick VIC 3056

General inquiry: emma@emmaturnerphotography.com.au

Booking inquiry:emma@emmaturnerphotography.com.au

(+61) 0409 963 903

Booking Information

  • Session fees from $150 .
  • Event photography-Hourly rate negotiable includes website/Facebook images or customized packages.
  • Product photography- Hourly rate Products for pets to wear.
  • Stock Images available for Websites,Editorials,Magazines, Facebook Business pages etc
  • Sessions available Wednesday to Sunday .Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Blog - The Chronicles of a pet photographer

Dog Sports -Flyball

There are several dog sports anyone can compete in Flyball is one of them .Let me remind you know not to blink as you could miss part of the action.Fast is an understatement, 1/1,000 of a second wasn’t enough for one or two of the competing Staffordshire Bull Terriers.You will have to get used to all the noise as the dogs are quite vocal waiting to take their turn but it is well worth watching and even better to compete I am sure .

If this is something you and your dog would enjoy here is the link ;



Melbourne’s best pet photographer.

Capturing all you adore about your dog/dogs in beautiful portraits . Emma Turner Photography, considered by many as  Melbourne’s best pet photographer.


I wish I could be as relaxed as this little man when it comes to my Google rankings ! I blog ,I post on a regular basis to Google + and I don’t just add all keywords re pet photography when I do post .However it eludes me no matter what I try and I am not convinced all the emails I get from various bushiness’s promising me a page one ranking if I employ them will work either , there has to be another way.I have noticed one particular pet photographer in Melbourne never moves from the first page or the first listed position all I can say is she must be a genius in the art of SEO .

Staffy Photographer Melbourne

I have seen lots for posts re dog breeds in particular this breed who are much maligned by the media and more often than not the dog in question is not even a Staffordshire Bull terrier .

A snippet from www.petguide.com 

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier gets this temperament from a rich and sometimes ugly history that included dog fighting. Although this checkered past might be a turn-off for some people looking for dog breeds, actually meeting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier will yield an unexpected friendly experience that can actually be quite endearing. If you’re looking for a city dog that is content to live in your apartment and sit alone for hours at a time, you should probably move on. For a variety of other tastes, however, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a perfect companion.

What I do and don’t do pertaining to photography.

My main areas of photography are pet portraits, action shots and whatever is required by the owner.Product photography, all pet related and only images of pets wearing clothes, harnesses,collars etc Event photography,anything to do with dogs and horses all other events only by negotiation.

Children for friends only, recommendations by clients or children with their dog/dogs.

For over 7 years I have photographed rescue dogs for Stafford Rescue Vic and now direct a team of photographers that help out  as now we have so many dogs coming in .I no longer do house visits for Cats but have photographed the odd rescue cat needing a home.I have been the official photographer for the Anti BSL Rallies in 2013,2014 and the last one held in 2015.

I am big on giving back and my passion is animals so taking pics and donating time is the very least I can do to help these animals less fortunate than my own Stafford Ruby who truly has a charmed life.

Emma Turner -Melbourne Dog Photographer

“Our photo experience with Emma was wonderful. She is experienced and very professional and knows what makes a perfect photo and is determined to get that perfect shot. She has loads of patience, a must when photographing two dogs. We now have some unbelievably great photos, and the only problem now is, deciding which ones to have framed.”

Mary Makris.